Review: Into the Badlands 315 – Requiem for the Fallen

Babou Ceesay as Pilgrim – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Into the Badlands 315 – Requiem for the Fallen

They are dropping like flies in the Badlands and as the body count rises so do the calls for vengeance. Lydia’s passing creates a void in both in the Widow’s leadership structure and Moon’s broken heart. Regret isn’t reserved for Moon alone however, as Sunny and Bajie find Nix’s discarded head among the ruins of the Widow’s former compound. Sunny laments the fact that Nix risked her life to save him and now he’s unable to return the favour.

Pilgrim’s doing his best to make viewers forget Quinn, the all time best of the big bads in the Badlands. Dismantling the Widow and Gaius’ forces and killing Nix has him on quite a roll for the moment but the gift that courses through his body appears to be taking its toll. He’s not the only one dealing with changes to their body though. The Widow uses a not quite at home pregnancy test to confirm that she is indeed with child. After lamenting that the future of the Badlands is in flux due to the age of Barons coming to an end, the Widow’s decision making will no doubt be influenced by the family she’s about to start in the next few months.

M.K., miraculously still alive after getting blown up in the siege on the Widow’s compound, has turned into T.J. Hookah to help dull his pain. It’s not working though and even with his gift turned on 24/7 to try and heal his wounds he’s a scarred wreck. Of all the characters on the show, he’s taken the worse turn throughout his narrative arc. Once Sunny’s golden boy sidekick, he’s become brooding and vengeful with a soul that seem as dark as the eyes that showcase his extraordinary powers.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and ironically it’s Bajie who has the master plan at his fingertips. The once unreliable joker has come into his own as the voice of reason even when in a room that includes Sunny and the Widow. It’s interesting to note that since Sunny and the Widow have had their children at the front of their minds that they’ve lost some of their edge. It’s only natural that looking past yourself and focussing on the welfare of your children can soften even the hardest of warriors. However, with Pilgrim willing to embrace genocide the good guys are going to need Sunny and the Widow operating at peak efficiency to have any chance of survival.