File://Maniac Has You Looking For Clues On Your Computer


It’s been a while since a game concept impressed me, but lo and behold File://maniac has done just that. The game is a File://maniac is a murder mystery with a killer on the loose. Our job, as the gamer, is to hunt down the murderer. However this isn’t done by figuring out a variety of dialog trees or picking up clues, rather you get to the truth one way. That way is by searching through your own computer.

The game arrived only a week ago for Mac, PC, and Linux. It was created by a little indie company called Born Frustrated Studios, and was created in one weekend. This was during an event called Global Game Jam, where developers are tasked with creating a whole game in one weekend.

The concept of how the game works is simple. In order to progress through puzzles in the game you need to change files within the game on your actual computer. What this means is that to get a simple door to open? You must find and delete the proper file from the games directory. Finding even a simple code to open a door means that you have to search through files until you procure it.

Check out the game footage below to get a feel for what I mean:

It’s a unique, innovative, fun way of playing a game that I can’t help but be intrigued by. Tell me what you guys think below, and don’t forget to check it out if you got a minute.