Shout Factory Celebrates Killer Klowns from Outer Space 35th Anniversary!


In 1988 the Chiodo brothers gave us a movie experience like no other. Killer Klowns from Outer Space was a movie unlike any other as it was about these creatures from outer space. However, instead of being grotesque aliens that had acid for blood or creatures that can blend in with their surroundings they chose to be clowns. Something that doesn’t look threatening at all until you get too close and see their razor sharp teeth. The folks over at Shout Factory have released a new 35th anniversary 4k restoration of the classic movie but how does this fare with the original movie?

For those that have been living under a rock the movie is exactly like the title as everyone in the small town of Crescent Cove has seen a meteor that was thought to believe was Hailey’s Comet. However, it is something more sinister as a ship has landed and it looks like a giant circus tent. These creatures come out of the tent and they are called Klowns because they look like circus clowns. However, their plans are sinister as they wrap people up in cotton candy and drink the blood of their victims. Will the folks be able to stop these klowns or will they succumb to them?

This two disc set is available in a standard 4k version and a limited edition steelbook version. The limited edition version has some amazing art showing a clown lurking between two desiccated cotton candy cocoons. And there’s the rest of the gang on the back of the cover as well. The special edition has two discs, the first being a 4k UHD that has a scan of the original negative along with an audio commentary by the Chiodo Brothers! The second disc has a regular blu-ray 4k scan of the movie along with the commentary but the features don’t stop there! There are Kreating Klowns which shows how the clowns were conceived from the initial drawings and designs to the actual fabrication. Komposing Klowns goes into the music that were made exclusively for the film and The Making of Killer Klowns shows exactly how the film was made. Rounding out the special features were the visual effects with Gene Warren, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers and Easter Eggs. But the BEST part of this disc is the featurette showing off the early works of the Chiodo Brothers! This is the stuff that was feared lost to time as you can actually see how the Chiodo Brothers got their start in movies.

With great extras, a rescanned 4k upgrade of the film and a great audio commentary track this is definitely a film to get and add to your collection! For more information on this and other great releases head over to and watch out for Killer Klowns… from outer space!

5 out of 5