Review: Fear the Walking Dead 503 – Humbug’s Gulch

Jenna Elfman as June, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 503 – Humbug’s Gulch

Happy entrails to you are the order of the day as the search for Al continues. John soon finds himself in familiar territory when he and June are forced to run for cover when they hit a roadblock. Humbug’s Gulch is an abandoned entertainment spot with more tumbleweed than people but it does offer some hope as there may be a cache of weapons there. A dust storm complicates June and John’s ability to get back to the group but their troubles take a turn for the worse when bullets start flying courtesy of a familiar face from Fear’s sister show. Dwight is back and he’s on a mission to cure his lonely condition.

Split apart with Morgan on his own and Alicia and Luciana as a team, the group looks for Al but as they appear to get closer to where she might be the specter of danger surrounding them looms larger. During their search, Alicia hears Annie and Dylan on the walkie and ignores their protests try to find them until a flat tire derails her efforts.

The majority of Humbug’s Gulch focuses on the fallout from Dwight’s fruitless quest to find his wife. Oh Sherry is an elusive lady and finding her is Dwight’s raison d’etre and is the only reason he’s able to hold on after his time with Negan and the Saviours. John and June, however give him hope via some sharp words and even sharper shooting. There are also some nice moments between John and June, who seem to have carved out a nice space for themselves safe from the ravages of post apocalyptic survival.

Like the tumbleweed bouncing though Humbug’s Gulch, the rest of the group rolls up on June and John allowing for a reunion of sorts between Dwight and Morgan. Their scene represents a chance at new beginnings and it will be interesting to see if any of their pasts come into play down the line.

There is still a fair bit of mystery three episodes into the new season. There’s still no sign of Al, and questions surrounding who’s behind the unusual walls of walkers and the twist in the final moments is sure to raise some debate. Just who are these children of the walker corn and how have they become so resourceful? Also, why are they so adamant that they need to be left alone? If kids represent the future, then the one that awaits Alicia and the crew may not be one to look forward to.