Review: Batman: White Knight #1


What happens when the lines between good and evil are blurred? What happens when those lines are completely wiped away leaving no distinction between what is right and wrong in its place?

Sean Murphy explores those questions and more in Batman: White Knight #1. Murphy has constructed a world where Batman’s brand of vigilantism has gone too far and his brutal take down of the Joker in a pharmaceutical depot creates unforeseen consequences. With the Joker in hospital and footage of Batman’s attack burning through the media, public opinion of the Dark Knight takes a turn. Even the GCPD is divided and is unable to distance itself from Batman’s actions. To further complicate matters Alfred is dying and Bruce, with no idea how to save his old friend, has turned to an unlikely ally for help.

Batman: White Knight explores the Batman/Joker relationship and how their storied history has created a type of interdependence between them. The Joker carves Batman pretty good with some spot on psychoanalysis during their fight and his musings, now in a sane mind are potential landmines for the Dark Knight.

Murphy’s art is fantastic giving the book a gritty feel that suits the story well. The opening chase scene is cinematic and his use of blacks and dialogue make Batman: White Knight #1 an entertaining read. Matt Hollingsworth provides the colours and his palate is a nice compliment to Murphy’s pencils and inks. Murphy delivers an intriguing premise and with seven more issues on tap to delve into this twisted version of Gotham City the future looks promising for Gotham’s newest champion.