Nicolas Cage Gives One of His Best Performances in Mandy


Lets say that you found the love of your life and while you were far from rich you were able to support yourself and the woman that you love. Your job and everything else meant nothing to you as long as you had her by your side. Now imagine if one day someone took that person from you by force and kept her as if she was a prisoner. What lengths would you go to get that person back? This question is asked in the latest film called Mandy from RLJ Entertainment.

Mandy stars Nicolas Cage as Red, a simple man who works in the wilderness at a logging company. His devoted wife Mandy (played by the wonderful Andrea Riseborough) is usually at home as she is working on her art. It is a very calm scene that they live in until a leader of a local cult takes interest in Mandy. He issues an order to go out and fetch her at any and all costs and to take care of anyone that stands in his way. Red tries to fight off the cultists but to no avail and they take his beloved Mandy. What happens next? All I can say that it is a gore drenched movie as Red is seeking vengence and will kill anyone keeps him from rescuing Mandy. I didn’t want to give away more of the movie because I want you to experience what I did when I saw this film for the first time. Once you are finished watching it you might shout aloud to your friends “What the hell did I just watch?!?”

This movie is done by the genius known as Panos Cosmatos and this isn’t his first film. He’s done others including Beyond the Black Rainbow which is amazing in it’s own right. Without giving too much away I will say that I have seen Nicholas Cage in more than a few movies and some of the performances were good and some were downright awful. His performance in Mandy is unparalled as he is dedicated to his role as Red. When he is with Mandy he looks as if he is generally happy and when he is without her you can see it in his eyes that he is determined to do whatever it takes to get her back.

But that’s not all folks! On this DVD version that I got from RLJ Entertainment there are some special features including a behind the scenes featurette. This shows how the movie was created and what went into making this amazing film. There are also deleted scenes that can be viewed for the first time in their entirety as well as French, Spanish and English SDH subtitles for this film so it can be enjoyed by all.

Mandy is available now on blu-ray and DVD and you can find it through various online and retail locations such as Best Buy and Amazon. Get yours today! And for more information about this and other great films go to and get ready to fight the forces of evil.