New Microsoft Console Unveiled as the Xbox Series X

As 2019 draws to a close people are starting to look towards the next year and around this time next year is when both new consoles are going to be invading stores and competing for your dollars. The newest Xbox which has been dubbed Project Scarlett has gotten a new name as it is now dubbed the XBox Series X. The trailer had dropped during the 2019 Game Awards and we are going to go into what this new console is going to have to offer.

First the console looks like a mini PC as it can be positioned either vertically or horizontally as the width of the console is no longer than the controller. Speaking of the controllers the Xbox Series X controllers look very similar to the ones on the Xbox One with the addition of a share button. And there is going to be more than a bit of cross compatibility as the Xbox One controllers will work on the Series X and vice versa as well as on PC’s! So this means if you already have an Xbox One and two controllers like most people do, you can use these with the new system!

Now about the system itself the higher ups at Microsoft wanted this console to be the most powerful one on the market. They are going to be using an NVMe SSD for the storage of the games and GDDR6 memory as the ram. These features will not only improve game-play and reduce load times but you will also be able to pick up where you left off. So what does this mean for the games that are going to be released? Simply put these games look gorgeous and it is going to be an amazing experience but so far there aren’t that many games available. Right now we had seen a trailer for the next Halo but Microsoft has also given us a trailer for Hellblade 2. The game looks amazing as it is set in a fantasy world based off of Norse mythology.

Microsoft also hinted that they are going to be bringing cloud gaming along with this next-gen console however, with the problems encountered by Google Stadia it is clear that this technology is far off. Even Phil Spencer has said “We’re not trying to tell people that xCloud is going to replace their console or xCloud is going to replace gaming on a PC. But we do think that ability for me to take my gaming experience with me, so that when I log in all my friends are there, all my games are there, my saved games are there, I get my Achievements, my library is with me, is pretty critical”

What do I think about this new console? I am excited for it but I want to know more about it and I want to know what games are going to be coming out for it. Right now the console looks amazing however, if it doesn’t have a great library to back it up then it is pointless. What do you think about the latest Xbox next-gen gaming console? Are you going to get one at launch or wait awhile? Let us know! We love hearing from you!