New Grindhouse Steelbook Unleashed!

Back in the 70’s there were certain theaters showing shows that were either bordering on pornography or slasher films that would not get general distribution. These theaters were dubbed Grindhouses and showed some of the worst films imaginable. In 2008 Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez teamed up to pay homage to these films with their own simply entitled Grindhouse. The folks over at FYE have released a new 2 disc set for this movie but will this new release have you wanting to go back to the theater?

If you have never seen Grindhouse before you are in for a treat as it is two feature films in one release. The first offering is from Robert Rodriguez and it is called Planet Terror and it deals with a mysterious chemical that is exposed to the air triggering a zombie outbreak. If you have seen some of Robert’s other films then you know there is a lot of over the top action and carnage that paints the screen red with blood. This is an enjoyable movie that doesn’t take itself seriously so just sit back and enjoy the ride. The second offering is Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and it deals with a stuntman, Mike Mckay who has a car that is completely death proof. This is not like the first feature as it is a slow burn however, when the action does start it provides a lot of suspense and action and I love how this one ends. The fun doesn’t stop there as there are a few fake trailers for films that were going to be released and the first one was actually released and that is Machete! Other films are Werewolf Women of the SS (by Rob Zombie), Thanksgiving (by Eli  Roth) and Don’t (by Edgar Wright). These trailers along with an advertisement (for Acuna Boys sandwich & pastie shop) and classic bumpers will make you feel like you are watching a real Grindhouse film.

The packaging is also amazing as it shows the art from both Planet Terror and Death Proof on the front of the cover as well as the main characters from each film on the back. Inside however, it is a masterpiece as it shows off lobby cards from each of the films. A lobby card was a still from the film as well as the title of the movie and any taglines it might have contained. This makes the packaging one of the best I have seen on a steelbook yet and will definitely get you in the mood to watch this film.

However, we’ve barely scratched the surface as I have saved the best for last and that is all the special features. This is a TWO DISC version of the film and Disc One has some special features such as audio commentary on Planet Terror as well as an audience reaction track. There is also a trailer commentary on the Thanksgiving trailer by the writer Jeff Rendell and director Eli Roth. Disc Two has a ton of special features including a featurette called Robert Rodriguez’s Ten Minute Cooking School as well as the makeup for Planet Terror. For Death Proof there is the Hot Rods of Death Proof and the production design of the film as well. The last feature is the making of the trailers which needs to be experienced if you are a fan of trailers.

If you are a fan of the Grindhouse films you need to get this version as it is packed with special features and has the full cut of the original film. If you want to get a copy for your own or give it to a special someone at Christmas you can order it here! And be sure to check out for more great releases and get ready to go back to the Grindhouse!