Malevolence Trilogy Blu Ray Review


When it comes to horror films there are a lot of films to watch and some of these get overlooked. Whether it was a direct to home video movie or just a low budget film that had to be made there are films that are out there that people have yet to see. One of the films that I have never heard of until recently was a series of films called Malevolence and recently the trilogy of these films were re-released on blu-ray.  I had the chance to get all three and this is my review of the Malevolence trilogy.

The first in the series is simply called Malevolence with the subtitle “No one gets out alive.” The film starts back on May 14th, 1989 where a six year old has been abducted. His face was marred by his captor as he watches him cut up a young woman in a farmhouse basement. Ten years later on September 20th, 1999 four people, Max, Kurt, Julian and Marylin are about to pull off a bank job but as the heist goes on things begin to fall apart. Max dies during the robbery as he is shot by a guard and the rest make their way to an abandoned house to meet up and divy up the cash. However, it seems that this house is not abandoned and without giving anything else away all I can say is that the bank robbers need to fend off someone else who wants to do them harm. This was a great start to the series and was shot on a very small budget however, it still delivers on all fronts.

The next film in the series is called Bereavemet (aka Malevolence 2: Bereavemet) and this is a prequel to the first film. This focuses on the small snippet of the events that we saw in the first film as Martin Bristol who is the small boy is kidnapped by the psychopath Graham Sutter. The events of the film show how Graham dispatches the females that he manages to lure to his house and how screwed up he is. This film definitely has a bigger budget than the first one (as the first was made for only $200,000 and this one was made for 10x that) and it has a few big name actors in it such as Michael Biehn who is well known from playing in Aliens and Terminator as well as John Savage who played in the Deer Hunter. This is a great and disturbing film and without giving much away just watch this to the end and you’ll see what happens to both Graham and Martin.

The last film in the trilogy of terror is Malevolence 3: Killer and this flashes forward to the current time as Martin Bristol returns to the home where the events started. Martin stalks his prey in a small neighborhood seeking out his victims and dispatching them with no remorse. Special Agent William Perkins is now assigned to the case and he is driven to stop him from killing once more. However, there’s another factor that comes into play and that is with Martin’s family who finally have learned of what happened to their son. They thought he was dead so many years ago when he was taken from them but that isn’t the case. Can Martin’s parents reunite with their son before the authorities dispatch their murderous child? All I can say is this is an amazing film that needs to be experienced in full detail and has a great cast including Adrienne Barbeau (who has been in a few horror films such as Creepshow and The Fog).

Each of these blu-ray discs has the film remastered from the original source material and have tons of special features ranging from directors commentary to deleted scenes. If you love horror you need to check these films out and give them a watch. For more information on how you can purchase your own set go to and remember no one gets out alive.

Malevolence: 4 out of 5

Malevolence 2: Bereavement: 3 out of 5

Malevolence 3: Killer: 3.5 out of 5