Frostpunk – Can You Survive?


Once cities were sources where people gathered to work and play. You knew your neighbors, where you could get a good bite to eat and what neighborhoods to avoid at night. That has all changed when a never-ending ice age has blanketed the earth. Now people are doing what they can to stay warm and cities are built around a massive generator. These not only provide power for the city but warmth as well. You are in charge of one of these cities but will your city grow and prosper or will it to succumb to the all encompassing cold? This is the subject of Frostpunk a new game from the creators of This War of Mine.

As previously stated you are in control of this city and while you are trying not only to keep your citizens happy and warm you will also be forced to make hard choices. For example: this society allows children to work and one gets hurt during their shift. Do you allow children to still work? Do you put them in a job that is less risky? Or do you try to abolish child labor laws altogether? Each decision that you make comes with a price as in the previous example if you let the children continue to work the people might revolt. This allows you to play the game as you want as you can be either a beneficial leader or a demanding tyrant that rules by force.

I have seen some videos of this game and it looks like an absolute blast to play as you will have to make some tough decisions in order to keep the peace. Hope is also a part of the game and when people have hope in their leader you need to deliver. If you fail to do so and people start to become despondent and there might be a full on revolt in response. Then you will have to deal with the revolt and this could prove dangerous. If you call in your guards to break it up they might respond with more anger and make things worse for your city. There is no right or wrong way to rule but if you are not careful then the once great metropolis you have built will fall prey to what happened to the other cities – claimed by the cold as people left in droves.

Frostpunk is set for release in 2018 and for more information you can go to and get ready to fight the coming storm.