Find Out if Bigfoot is Real in Hoax


When I was young there were a variety of things that were shown on Saturday afternoons and one was a movie/documentary about Bigfoot. They would get eyewitness accounts, photographic and video evidence and such to see if they could prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot. However, what if the legends were right? What if somewhere buried in the remote woods of the United States lived a creature that was not fully animal nor fully man? This is the premise behind the latest Epic Pictures release entitled Hoax

Hoax takes place deep in the Colorado wilderness where a couple is camping peacefully. However, the silence is quickly broken as someone or something finds the campers and butchers them. An investigative team hears about the attack and makes their way to the remote site. However, as they arrive on the site they believe that it might be the infamous Bigfoot that committed this attack. As the team goes deeper into the woods they wonder who is actually hunting who? Hoax is a great movie with a lot of thrilling moments as you wonder who is actually the predator and who is the prey. 

There are also eleven special features ranging from interviews from the various actors that took part in the film (including the lovely Adrienne Barbeau) to where the film was shot as well as the Bigfoot itself. Also, there are 30 and 60 second trailers included for Hoax as well as several trailers for other Dread films. The films range from the already covered Assassinaut to the ocean survival masterpiece called Harpoon

If you love bigfoot/monster movies then Hoax will capture your imagination and with a lot of special features this will keep you busy for quite some time. For more information on this and other great films check out and get ready as you are not alone in these woods.