The Dead Walk in China in The Walking Dead: Typhoon

In 2019 we not only witnessed The Walking Dead television series come into its 10th season, another season of Fear the Walking Dead and another series announced for next year but the end of the comic series as well. However, all of these series take place in the United States. How is the rest of the world dealing with the dead coming back to life? This is the setting of the latest book in the Walking Dead series called The Walking Dead: Typhoon.

This book is written by a very talented author named Wesley Chu and if that name sounds familiar he also penned the Lives of Tao series. This story takes place in China and it has been months since the dead have come back to life. However, even in the midst of all of this devestation one settlement has survived through the dead and it is called The Beacon of Light. The main characters are Zhu and Elena who are members of a Wind Team who are responsible for going out into the world and scavenging materials they need to keep the settlement going. While on a run to help their settlement they find a group of survivors from Zhu’s home village. He is split between helping these survivors and his devotion to the settlement. Also, the master of security named Hengyen has discovered the largest group of walkers heading towards the settlement. This one million army of the dead is called a Typhoon but will these people survive the onslaught of the undead or will they be wiped out by the dead? This sets the stage for a great story that will keep fans of The Walking Dead on the edge of their seats until the last page. 

And there are now two ways to experience this great story either by picking up the book or listening to the audiobook as well! For more information on this great story head over to and get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse.