Current Comic Book Publishers from Z-A – entry #9

Day 9 and everything is fine. Mostly!! Two publishers listed in PREVIEWS of which I can find zero info are Square Four and Supergraphics. Not even the venerable Comic Book Database nor Comic Vine are of any help. Bummer!!

That being said, a reminder that all this info is from the publishers who deal with Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. On with it!!

Square Fish logoEstablished: 1869 (USA)

Official Name: Square Fish

Place of Origin: New York, NY (Macmillan)

Distinction: Square Fish is a children’s book imprint representing the best of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Henry Holt, and Roaring Brook backlists, but reformatted, repackaged, and reissued with a mass market children’s and teen audience in mind. The accomplished list contains a multitude of awards and honors and is one of the most impressive rosters of titles in children’s book history. The list of outstanding authors and artists include: Madeleine L’Engle, William Steig, Mordicai Gerstein, Peter McCarty, David Small, Eric Rohmann, Gabrielle Zevin, and Virginia Euwer Wolff and many others[1].

Operations: John Turner Sargent, Jr. (Macmillan)

Output: American Born Chinese; Chocolate Me!; How to Say I Love You Out Loud; Keeping the Night Watch; A Wrinkle in Time

Upcoming Title: Robot Dreams

Branches: Under the Macmillan Publishers umbrella.

Social Media: @MacKidsBooks ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

St. Martin's Press logoEstablished: 1952

Official Name: St. Martin’s Press

Place of Origin: New York, NY

Distinction: Macmillan Publishers of the United Kingdom founded St. Martin’s in 1952 and named it for St. Martin’s Lane in London, where associated press Macmillan Publishers was headquartered. It was privately held until the late 1990s when it was sold to Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC, a group of publishing companies held by Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, a family owned publishing concern based in Stuttgart, Germany, which owns St. Martin’s as well as some U.S. publishing houses[2].

During the last 30 years, St. Martin’s grew rapidly as a publisher in its own right, finally becoming one of the seven largest publishers in America. From their home in the Flatiron Building in New York, St. Martin’s publishes books under four imprints: St. Martin’s Press, Griffin, Minotaur, and Thomas Dunne Books[3].

Operations: John Turner Sargent, Jr. (Macmillan)

Output: Authors published by St. Martin include Sherrilyn Kenyon, M. K. Asante, Charlotte Bingham, John Bingham, Dan Brown, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Ken Bruen, Augusten Burroughs, Stephen J. Cannell, Ben Coes, Jackie Collins, Jennifer Crusie, Charles Cumming, Janet Evanovich, Diane Fanning, Julian Fellowes, Amanda Filipacchi, Joseph Finder, Lauren Fix, Frederick Forsyth, Brigitte Gabriel, James Herriot, Murry Hope, Simon Kernick, Lisa Kleypas, Robert Ludlum, Robert Pagliarini, Gayle Lynds, Joseph Olshan, Michael Palmer, Robin Pilcher, Patrick Quinlan, Cathy Scott, Susan Arnout Smith, Wilbur Smith, Erica Spindler, Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, Shannon Delany, Jeff Hertzberg, and Darryl Wimberley. It also publishes the New York Times crossword puzzle books[4].

Current Title: Rosalie Lightning: a Graphic Memoir

Branches: Under the Macmillan Publishers umbrella.

Social Media: @StMartinsPress ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Stone Arch Books logoEstablished: 2005

Official Name: Stone Arch Books

Place of Origin: Mankato, MN

Distinction: Stone Arch Books publishes safe, contemporary and compelling fiction, inspiring independent reading for grades K-9[5].

Helping children develop a love of reading and learning, no matter their ability level, is at the heart of what we do at Capstone. Our passion for creating inspired learning has made us the most trusted publisher of children’s books and digital solutions for libraries, classrooms, and consumers for more than 20 years. Capstone’s content comes in a variety of print and digital formats including board books, picture books, interactive books, apps, audio and databases. Whether print, online, or new, yet-to-be-discovered formats, Capstone provides children and young adults with the content they love[6].

Operations: Bob Coughlan (Principal), Tom Ahern, (CEO), Bill Rouse (COO/CFO)

Output: The Case of the Missing Mom; Dino-Mike and the Dinosaur Cave; Frightmares: a Creepy Collection of Scary Stories; Hoop Hustle; Oliver Bitter, Spooked-Out Sitter!; Touchdown Triumph

Branches: Third imprint created by Capstone Publishers.

Social Media: @CapstoneYR ; Facebook ; Instagram ; Pinterest ; YouTube

Multi-Media: N/A

Storm King Productions logoEstablished:

Official Name: Storm King Productions, Inc.
Place of Origin: Hollywood, CA

Distinction: Decades of experience in horror nuance and storytelling brought to life by today’smust-current artists and writers. Mission Statement: To captivate horror fans with John Carpenter’s unique voice in all mediums. Every Dream Should Be a Nightmare — Sandy King.

Operations: Sandy King (President), married to renowned filmmaker John Carpenter.

Output: John Carpenter’s Asylum


Social Media: @stormkingskc ; Facebook

Multi-Media: John Carpenter fans have always crossed over into gaming, comics, movies and television. It is our aim to bring our audience the best stories at the highest quality levels in all these mediums.

Also a movie studio. Check out as well as

Stranger Comics logo - verticalEstablished: Unknown

Official Name: Stranger Comics

Place of Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Distinction: STRANGER COMICS is a multi-platform publishing company based in Los Angeles. It aims to become the premier brand for quality in the digital age[7].

Operations: Sebastian A. Jones (Founder)

Output: The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, The Portent, Erathune, Silver Blood, Tales of Asunda, Piñata, Broke, Bronson Beak, Ruining Christmas, Quincey Morris… to name a few.

Current Titles: Dusu: Path of The Ancient; Niobe: She is Life

Branches: Asunda, Black Eye Dog, Llyod Levin’s Foundry Comics, Stranger Kids, Stranger Sundays

Social Media: @strangercomics ; Facebook ; Instagram ; YouTube

Multi-Media: Stranger has several strategic alliances that ideally position the company for the coming media revolution. These include producer Lloyd Levin (Watchmen, Hellboy 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1 & 2), visual effects guru and Filmworks/fx owner Ken Locsmandi (The Matrix, Donnie Darko, Apocalypto, Fight Club), director and producer Andrew Cosby (Co-Creator of Eureka, Co-Founder of Boom! Studios), producer Andrew Sugerman (Conviction, Shop Girl), and practical effects giant New Deal Studios (The Dark Knight, Inception, Watchmen)[8].

Stratum Comics logoEstablished: 2000

Official Name: Stratum Comics

Place of Origin: Austin, TX

Distinction: Stratum Comics is dedicated to the development of independent creators by bringing the best and brightest talent together and matching creators with projects that highlight their skills. Currently publishing great titles like The Threat. You should go like The Threat Comic Series Facebook page as well[9].


Output: The Threat

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @stratumcomics ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Studio Farlaine logoEstablished: 2013

Official Name: Studio Farlaine

Place of Origin: Boston, MA

Distinction: Farlaine is an all-ages book with a fun and quirky sense of adventure, creative and unique from the vast sea of spandex-clad heroes and zombies. And kids seem to love him! He gets rave reviews from kids, teens, adults, girls, boys. He’s a compelling hero whose adventures tickle the imagination and funny bone as we root for a pudgy little goblin and his tree against overwhelming odds and obstacles[10].

Operations: Tom Tiknut

Output: Farlaine the Goblin Book 1: the Tinklands; Farlaine the Goblin Book 2: the Saltlands; Farlaine the Goblin Book 3: the Racelands

Current Title: Farlaine the Goblin Book 4: the Twistlands

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @TreeGoblin ; Facebook ; Pinterest ; Twitter

Multi-Media: N/A

SuBLime Manga logoEstablished: 2012

Official Name: SuBLime Manga

Place of Origin: San Francisco, CA

Distinction: SuBLime is a yaoi/boys’ love manga publisher, and is a partnership between VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of anime and manga in North America, and Japan’s Animate, Ltd. (Animate)[11].

This bold, global publishing initiative will present English-speaking fans everywhere with a broad selection of high quality titles. SuBLime will offer titles digitally worldwide available on this site, with many available in Download-to-Own format, and selections in print also available in English-language editions worldwide. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you again soon![12]

Operations: Leyla Aker (VP, VIZ Media)


Branches: An offshoot of VIZ Media, LLC partnered with Animate, Ltd. and Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.

Social Media: @SuBLimeManga ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Sunday Press logo - bigger & betterEstablished: Unknown

Official Name: Sunday Press Books

Place of Origin: Los Altos, CA

Distinction: The finest collections of classic American comic strips presented in their original size and colors[13].

Operations: Unknown

Output: Forgotten Fantasy; George Herriman’s Krazy Kat: a Celebration of Sundays; Little Nemo in Slumberland; Little Sammy Sneeze; Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz; Society is Nix; Sundays with Walt and Skeezix; The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek: the Complete Sunday Comics 1903-1905

Current Title: White Boy in Skull Valley: the Complete Sunday Comics 1933-1936

Branches: N/A

Social Media: Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A












[12] Ibid.


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