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It’s beginning to look a lot like…you know!!! There’s no way it’s already the 23rd :O   I still haven’t shopped. I’m going off-track here. I’ve been on auto-pilot since the get-go. There’s no stopping me now!!!

Nine more publishers coming your way. What some of them lack in detail they make up for with listings. It’s somewhat of a shock that some companies do not even have social media, just their official sites. How can that be in the Digital Age?!? At any rate, all names are found in the monthly PREVIEWS catalog, an exclusive product of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. with whom they have business dealings.

E-Comix logo

Established: Unknown

Official Name: E-Comix

Place of Origin: Unknown

Distinction: Comics made for merchandising.

Operations: Unknown

Output: Unknown

Current Title: Pussycats

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @e_comix_net ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

ECW Press logo Established: 1974

Official Name: ECW Press

Place of Origin: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Distinction: Publishers Weekly recognized ECW Press as one of the most diversified independent publishers in North America. ECW Press has published close to 1,000 books that are distributed throughout the English-speaking world and translated into dozens of languages. In the next year, we’ll release 50+ new titles and will continue to support and promote a vibrant backlist that includes poetry and fiction, pop-culture and political analysis, sports books, biography, and travel guides. Books by writers whose names you know and love — and by those who we’re very pleased to introduce for the first time. Who are we? After three decades, we still get asked about our name, those three little letters: ECW[1].

At first the acronym was self-descriptive: Essays on Canadian Writing (the name of the journal of literary criticism we started in 1974). But as the company grew and changed, our name, in our minds, also changed. We’ve heard the company called Essential Canadian Writing, Excellent Contemporary Writing, or, more recently, Extreme Cutting-Edge Writing. And these names have been, and still are, appropriate. But now we realize that each of those letters represents a particular strain of ECW Press’s diverse passions — Entertainment, Culture, Writing[2].

No matter how our name has been interpreted, however, there has always been one constant: our pursuit of excellent writing. We recognize that it’s our authors who make us what we are, who establish our reputation. And because of this we’re committed to bringing you the best writers and the best writing we know — in every genre. In the next decade, ECW will continue to grow and change[3].

Today, we’re publishing a heady mix of commercial and literary works that strive for a uniform standard of excellence: the best writing; the most exciting, controversial, and insightful takes on the hottest subject matter; ground-breaking design; and high production values. Our goal is to support every ECW Press title with the kind of innovative marketing and promotion that give our books and authors the recognition they deserve[4].

Operations: Jack David & Robert Lecker (Founders)


Branches: N/A

Social Media: @ecwpress ; Facebook ; Instagram

Multi-Media: Funded by Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Canada.

Éditions Tanibis logo

Established: 2000

Official Name: Éditions Tanibis

Place of Origin: Villeurbanne, France

Distinction: Fondées en juin 2000 autour de la revue Rhinocéros contre éléphant, les éditions Tanibis (initialement baptisées Thot l’ibis) sont une maison d’édition à but non lucratif basée à Villeurbanne. Spécialisé dans l’image et la bande dessinée, Tanibis publie actuellement deux à cinq livres par an[5].

Operations: Unknown


Current Titles: Le Bus 2; ECG; Qu’est-ce qui arrive?; Pingouins; Safari lune de miel

Branches: N/A

Social Media: Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Egmont logo

Established: 1878

Official Name: Egmont UK

Place of Origin: London, England, UK ; originally established in Copenhagen, Denmark

Distinction: Hello, we are Egmont and we’re here to encourage more and more children to enjoy the sheer pleasure of reading. That aim drives everything we do, whether it’s books, magazines or digital media and it has made us the UK’s leading children’s publisher, for babies through to teens[6].

With over a million books and over a million magazines sold every single month in the UK, our products are also available in countries worldwide[7].

Egmont Publishing is the UK’s leading specialist children’s publisher for babies to teens, inspiring children to read through more than 30 million award-winning books, magazines, ebooks and apps each year[8].

We’re proud to be home to many of the world’s favourite stories and best-loved authors, illustrators and characters such as Michael Morpurgo (War Horse), Andy Stanton (Mr. Gum), Enid Blyton, Julia Donaldson, Lemony Snicket, Michael Grant (Gone series and BZRK), Winnie-the-Pooh, Tintin, Mr. Men, Thomas & Friends, Ben 10, Baby Jake, Angry Birds, Bin Weevils and Minecraft.[9]

Operations: Cally Poplak (Managing Director), Alan Hurcombe (CFO),

Output: [Do an extensive search!]

Current Titles: Babar; Barbie; Ben 10; Dora the Explorer; Fireman Sam; Thomas the Tank Engine among a slew of recognizable names!!

Branches: Egmont Press, Egmont Publishing

Social Media: @Egmont UK ; Facebook ; YouTube

Multi-Media: N/A

Entertaining Comics (EC) logo - witch

Established: 1944

Official Name: Entertaining Comics (EC)

Place of Origin: New York, NY

Distinction: ENTERTAINING COMICS, more commonly known as EC Comics, was an American publisher of comic books specializing in horror fiction, crime fiction, satire, military fiction and science fiction from the 1940s through the mid-1950s, notably the Tales from the Crypt series. In 1954-55, censorship pressures prompted it to concentrate on the humor magazine Mad, leading to the company’s greatest success. Initially, EC was privately owned by Maxwell Gaines and specialized in educational and child-oriented stories. Later, during its period of notoriety, it was owned by his son, William Gaines. It was eventually absorbed into the same corporation that later purchased DC Comics and Warner Brothers[10].

THE FIRM, first known as Educational Comics, was founded by Max Gaines, former editor of the comic-book company All-American Publications. When that company merged with DC Comics in 1944, Gaines retained rights to the comic book Picture Stories from the Bible, and began his new company with a plan to market comics about science, history and the Bible to schools and churches. A decade earlier, Max Gaines had been one of the pioneers of the comic book form, with Eastern Color Printing’s proto-comic book Funnies on Parade, and with Dell Publishing’s Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics, considered by historians the first true American comic book[11].

Operations: Maxwell Gaines (Founder, deceased), William Gaines (Owner, deceased)

Output: Crime SuspenStories, Frontline Combat, The Haunt of Fear, Shock SuspenStories, Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science

Current Titles: Newer editions of reprints.

Branches: Reprints currently handled by Fantagraphics Books. IDW Publishing has released three Artist’s Editions. International distributors are 001 Edizioni and Herakles.

Social Media: @EC_Comics ; Facebook ; Instagram ; Tumblr

Multi-Media: N/A

Epicenter Comics logo

Established: 2012

Official Name: Epicenter Comics

Place of Origin: San Diego, CA

Distinction: “I strongly believe that arts have the power to shape and impact the way we perceive the world. It is our duty and privilege as publishers, writers, artists, printers, distributors, retailers, no matter what our life calling may be, to have a positive impact on the world, to be a small wheel turning in the right direction[12].

When forming Epicenter Comics the idea was to have a publishing company that would not only release unique and high quality graphic novels or comic books, but a company that would also find and nurture great talent. I promise to bring you works that will entertain you, amaze you, sometimes disturb you, but certainly make you feel and make you think, long after you’ve closed the book cover.[13]” – Igor Maricic

Operations: Igor Maricić (Founder, President, Publisher) – a veritable one-man show!!

Output: Entropy; MagicWind; Miracle

Current Title: Zagor: Terror from the Sea

Upcoming Title: Zagor: the Red Sand

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @EpicenterComics ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Eros Comix logo Established: 1990

Official Name: Eros Comix

Place of Origin: Seattle, WA

Distinction: NSFW!!! Suffice to say they focus on American, Italian, and Japanese art.

Operations: Unknown


Current Titles: Eros vol. 9: The Blonde, part 1 – Double Cross; Here Come the Lovejoys; Lust; Mangerotica vol. 8: Super Taboo; Secret Honey of the Moon; Teens at Play: Forever Young

Upcoming Titles: Bazongas vol. 3; Eros vol. 40: Coley Running Wild; Hot Moms vol. 1; Housewives at Play; Tijuana Bibles vol. 8

Branches: Imprint of Fantagraphics Books

Social Media: @eroscomix ; Facebook ; Tumblr

Multi-Media: CD-ROMs, DVDs

Eureka Productions - Graphic Classics logo

Established: Unknown

Official Name: Eureka Productions

Place of Origin: Mount Horeb, WI

Distinction: Publisher for Graphic Classics©

Operations: Tom Pomplun (Publisher & Designer)


Current Titles: Graphic Classics vol. 17: Science Fiction; Graphic Classics vol. 29: Canine/Feline Classics

Upcoming Titles: Graphic Classics vol. 2: Arthur Conan Doyle; Graphic Classics vol. 15: Fantasy Classics

Branches: Graphic Classics© falls under their direction.

Social Media: N/A

Multi-Media: N/A

Exhibit A Press logo

Established: 1994

Official Name: Exhibit A Press

Place of Origin: San Diego, CA

Distinction: With husband Batton Lash, Estrada co-founded Exhibit A Press in 1994 to publish Lash’s comic book, Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre (now called Supernatural Law). Estrada edits all of the company’s comics and books, does the lettering for the comic book, and handles the public relations[14].

The publishing company produces comics and graphic novels featuring Batton’s characters Alanna Wolff & Jeff Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, as well as their intrepid secretary, Mavis[15].

Operations: Jackie Estrada & Batton Lash (Publishers)


Current Titles: Comic Book People 2: Photographs from the 1990’s; Monsters Meet on Court Street and Other Tales of Supernatural Law; Zombie Wife and Other Tales of Supernatural Law


Social Media: @battonl ; Facebook (Batton Lash)

Multi-Media: The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse, an online series, in the works.


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