Archie Comics Ends Long-Running Series With June’s #666

Special landmark issue looks back at over 70 years of comic book history.


Archie Comics shocked readers across the world with the announcement of this summer’s game-changing ARCHIE #1 featuring the blockbuster creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Before moving forward into a new era, ARCHIE #666 takes a look back at the wacky and heartfelt adventures that Archie and the gang have gone on over the years by Archie Comics legends Tom DeFalco, Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, and Pat & Tim Kennedy!ARCHIE #666 caps off a legendary run of comic book excellence spanning over 70 years of publishing history while opening the door for the next thrilling chapter of Archie Comics. ARCHIE #666 will feature 6 interlocking covers celebrating Archie’s vibrant history and characters by artist Dan Parent.ARCHIE #666 goes on sale 6/3.​

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