Would You Look After a Haunted House in The Sitter?

I have never actually watched a house for someone before however, I have had friends watch after my own house. In fact there was a time where one of my friends said something odd happened in the house where he heard someone in the master bedroom but it was empty. What if you were offered to watch a house that you knew was haunted. Would you go ahead and do it for the money? This is the premise of the movie The Sitter from Wild Eye Releasing.

This film focuses on Charlotte who is a college student that is barely scraping by and is always broke. However, she is offered to watch a vast manor house over a long weekend for £200 per night. As she is getting settled in she cannot shake the feeling that she is being watched. Nightmares seem to plague her sleep as she feels that something is not right about this house. Will Charlotte make it out alive or will she succumb to the horrors of the house? You need to watch this film to find out!

There are a few special features on this disc including trailers and it is also set up for 5.1 surround sound. Also there is a short film on the disc called Night Land which focuses on a couple that is making their way through a wasteland.

If you love haunted house movies you need to check out The Sitter as it was actually filmed in a REAL haunted house. For more information on this and other features check out www.wildeyereleasing.com and get ready to survive the night.