Warriors Come Out and Play on FYE Steelbook

When someone asks me to recommend a movie that showcases classic New York the first movie that comes to mind is The Warriors. This movie shows off some of the great locations of the city in their prime. Now the folks over at FYE have released a 40th anniversary edition of this movie in a new steel-book format. The steel-book has an amazing piece from the original poster printed on the front as well as a black and white image of the main characters on the back. However, there is also a collectible poster based off the original movie poster included with this two disc DVD and blu-ray combo. 

For those that haven’t seen this great movie it centers on a gang called the Warriors. All of the gangs from the five boroughs of New York have been asked to send nine delegates to a meeting in Van Cortland Park. Cyrus who has called this meeting wants the gangs to work together as the gangs outnumber the police by three to one. However, during this meeting Cyrus is killed and the Warriors gang is blamed for killing him. This causes all of the gangs to hunt down the Warriors as the gang tries to reach their home turf on Coney Island. Will they make it there as they are hunted down by all of the gangs or will they be beaten by these ruthless killers? All I can say is if you haven’t seen this movie this is the film that you need to watch. In fact this cut has both the classic theatrical version as well as an ultimate director’s cut that showcases this great film. 

Once you finish the film there are some special features that you can also enjoy including four featurettes that deal with the making of and the phenomenon behind The Warriors. There is also an introduction by the director Walter Hill as well as the original trailer of the film included on the Blu -ray disc. Whether you have never seen the film or have seen it multiple times you need to check out this FYE release. For more information on this and other releases head over to www.fye.com and get ready to come out and play!