Marvel Studios Drops Black Widow Teaser

Black Widow gets a release date!
With all of the movies and series that were announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Marvel has been really quiet about what is going on or what is coming out next. However, today we got a trailer for the latest MCU movie which is simply entitled, Black Widow. The movie focuses on Natasha Romanov who plays the title character as she ventures back to Russia. She is going back home to stop running from her past and to put old rivalries to rest. While in Russia she notices that she is being hunted by a character known only as Taskmaster. Black Widow knows she will need some help and she will have backup with not only her sister joining the fight but also a character known as Red Guardian.

Red Guardian is a Russian version of Captain America and is played by David Harbour.

This looks like it’s going to be an amazing movie!
If you love the character featured in The Avengers then you need to check out Black Widow as it comes to movie theaters in May 2020!
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