3 Easy Mod Podge Crafts for Comic Lovers

3 Easy Mod Podge Crafts for Comic Lovers

Comic books are a love that transcends all else. People from every background and culture love comic books. It makes sense that comic lovers want to display their passion throughout their homes. While you could stick rare comic books and paraphernalia in a display case, making comic-themed crafts is more creative and fun. Keep reading to learn about three easy Mod Podge crafts for comic lovers that anyone can make.

Character Coasters

If you want to add comic book characters around your home in a practical, fun way, make character coasters. Buy wooden coasters in any shape you desire, though squares or circles work best. Laser jet print the comic book character pictures you want to use. This printing technique will prevent the colors from bleeding. Place the picture on top of your wooden coaster and apply a thin layer or two of Mod Podge with a brush. The picture should stick to the coaster. Allow these layers to dry, then add a few extra layers around the coaster to seal it.

Comic Clock

For a more prominent comic display, make a comic clock. All you’ll need is a plastic table charger, Mod Podge, the comics of your choice, a paintbrush, a drill, a clock kit, and some numbers. Depending on how the comics fit onto your charger, you may need scissors to trim excess.

Wash and dry your charger. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the charger. Lay your comic prints onto the Mod Podge. Once you’ve covered the charger in comic prints, paint another layer of Mod Podge over them. Allow them to dry. Trim any excess comics off the edges of the charger. Drill a hole in the center to place the clock kit.

Some clock kits come with numbers attached, which means you’re done with your project. Other clock kits only come with the hands. If this is the case, add extra stick-on numbers or paint numbers along the edges of the charger. Once you add batteries, you have a functional comic clock.

Personalized Picture Frame

Lastly, you can create a personalized picture frame with comic books and Mod Podge. This is like the coasters project. Buy a wooden picture frame and then find the comic prints you want to place on it. You’ll need Mod Podge and a brush to apply. You may also need scissors.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the wooden picture frame and add the comic prints. Allow them to dry onto the picture frame before trimming any excess. To fully personalize the frame, mix Mod Podge and mica powder to create a glitter-glue effect. Use this mixture on the edges of the picture frame to make it pop. Allow this detail to dry, then add a layer of clear Mod Podge on top to seal everything together.

Comic lovers new to crafting will find these three easy Mod Podge crafts simple and fun. They make great home décor for yourself or as gifts to your comic-loving friends.