Review: The Walking Dead 1008 – The World Before

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8

The Walking Dead 1008 – The World Before

It would appear that one Trojan Horse deserves another, with Negan off with the Whisperers and Dante firmly imbedded in Alexandria doing Alpha’s bidding. The pre-credits sequence of The World Before reveals just how Dante received his orders and was able to gain everyone’s trust all while plotting to do them harm.

Unfortunately for Dante, he’s happened upon by Rosita shortly after disposing of Siddiq. A fight breaks out between them with Rosita handling herself quite admirably while a reanimated Siddiq threatens baby Coco. Rosita puts Siddiq out of his misery for good and subdues Dante after giving him a severe beat down.

A taste of the good life and a heavy dose of betrayal has Gamma questioning a lot these days. Still reeling from the revelation that Alpha isn’t exactly a paragon of truth and that Lydia is alive, she’s drawn to meet Aaron once again. She arrives with let’s make a deal on her mind and after some gentle prodding from Aaron she actually takes off her mask and informs him that her real name is Mary.

The battle between ideals heats up as Dante mocks Alexandria’s leadership over what they are going to do with him. The Whisperers operate out of a different playbook and Alpha intends to use the Alexandrians’ strengths and the values that hold their community together against them. Dante’s four month stint undercover has everyone shaken, particularly Aaron who beats himself up for not recognizing the threat that moved among them, unnoticed for so long. While trying to come to terms with everything, Aaron informs Carol and Daryl that he’s received some Whisperer intel from Gamma. Daryl is suspicious of Gamma’s intel and her intentions but Aaron reassures him that her intentions seem genuine, particularly since she is desperate to see her nephew who was rescued outside of Hilltop last season.

Siddiq’s death sends shockwaves through Alexandria and while it serves to bring some together it forces many to reassess their mortality and sense of purpose. Rosita is particularly shaken and questions her ability to survive all challenges and to keep Coco safe. Dante’s infiltration also extends to Oceanside where Michonne warns them of what happened just before a mysterious stranger shows up on their shore and a walker hoard breaches their territory. Father Gabriel searches for answers, carries a fair amount of guilt and holds himself responsible for Siddiq’s untimely passing. When he confronts Dante and ultimately seeks revenge he proves Alpha right.

The World Before closes one door but opens a couple more. Just who is the new dude on the scene? Is he friend or foe and is the family he’s searching for real? It also drops hints at an even larger world outside of the known Walking Dead universe. The answers to those questions and a few others will have to wait however, until The Walking Dead returns from hiatus in February.