Review: FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead

The first volume of FUBAR focused on the European theater and this next installment focuses on the Pacific theater. In a time where the United States got involved in this conflict it has troops stations all throughout the islands in the Pacific. The stories reflect these times and range from a U.S. soldier who wants to have one last dance with his sweetheart to a man on a Japanese base that is swarming with the undead. Each of these stories are amazingly drawn and written and will have you smiling from ear to ear as the zombies rend limb from limb on each gory page. One of my favorites has to be about an undead Japanese soldier who doesn’t quite understand why he has become what he has and how he’s dealing with his new found life (or undeath).

There are some amazing people involved with this such as Joe Dunn, Steve Becker, Shawn Aldrige and Jeff McComsey just to name a few. This can be bought digitally from such sites as comixology or directly from Alterna Press as there is a new edition in print! For more information on this and other comics head over to and get ready to fight against the armies of the undead.