Review: FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned

During the history of World War II the allies saw the many atrocities that the Germans had committed on the conquered as well as their own people. FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned covers some of these stories ranging from serious to a bit silly all involving zombies in one form or another. All in all there are 15 zombie stories that cover a Soviet tank crew facing hordes of the undead to an American who has an affinity for baseball and takes his frustrations out on the zombies plaguing a European village. The best part of this is there is a story written by Chuck Dixon (of Batman: Knightfall fame as well as G.I. Joe, Punisher and some other great literary works).

Alterna Comics usually has these for sale but as of this writing they are completely sold out so you have two options. You can try to snag an in print copy via Amazon, ebay, etc or you can get a digital version from (right here: If you love World War II stories as well as zombies this is definitely the comic to pick up. So until next time keep you K-Bar sharp and the sand out of your magazines because we have zombies to kill.