Review: FUBAR: Declassified

Over the last 50 years there have been some secretive operations that have occurred throughout the world. Each of these missions have had something in common that no one outside the highest echelons of government knows. The dead walk again and infect the living. This is the premise behind FUBAR’s latest installment which is Declassified. These stories will take you from the jungles deep in Vietnam to the Bay of Pigs invasion and even into modern Afghanistan.

This is a slim volume weighing in at 132 pages but the stories that are included are amazing. With great artists and writers such as Chuck Dixon and Jeff McComsey these 12 missions will have you looking at some of these conflicts around the world with a fresh pair of eyes. There are a few ways to get this volume as you can get it digitally through such outlets like or you can get it directly from Alterna’s website. If you are a fan of modern military stories with a zombie element you need to give this volume a look. For more information about this and other comics head over to and remember two simple words. Plausible Deniability.