Review: FUBAR: American History Z

What you have been taught about American history is a lie. There are periods of American history that are rife with stories that contain one element that was left out. One of those involves hordes of the undead that want nothing more than to eat your flesh and add you to their army of growing zombies. This has to be by and far my favorite of the FUBAR volumes because it doesn’t just focus on one period or one subject. It focuses on American history and how some of the events were changed and twisted to fit their own narrative. From the tale of how America was really founded to the landing of the men on the moon these and other stories are included in this massive tome consisting of 432 pages. One of my favorite stories is called The Buzzard and I love it because it takes place in Seaside Heights, NJ during the 1980’s. That’s where I grew up and I loved to see a story based on a place where I used to spend my summers.

This amazing collection can be bought directly from Alterna Comics or from digital outlets as well ( For more information on this and other books go to and get ready to know the true history behind some of America’s greatest events.