Review: Cardinal 404 – Neil

Cardinal 404 – Neil

Things get personal for Delorme when its revealed that Josh has been abducted from his home. A distinctive feather found at the crime scene erases any doubt that Delorme’s ex isn’t in some way connected to the recent rash of murders plaguing Algonquin Bay. Complicating matters even more is the fact Josh’s father, Kenneth has also been taken.

Although Josh was the intended target, the one intended to suffer was Kenneth. The layers of intrigue continue to pile up as a connection between Sheila and Kenneth is revealed. Their past history slowly comes to light as the detectives dig deeper into the case and flashes of what happened to trigger Scott’s quest for vengeance race through his mind.

Neil, named for the contract killer hired by Scott is bleak and the atmosphere of isolation and desperation is accentuated by the snow capped landscapes that seem to swallow the victims. A heavy burden of guilt weighs down Delorme and Cardinal does his best to ease her pain. For long time fans of Cardinal its interesting to see their role reversal.  Delorme recognizes it too casting aside Cardinal’s reassurances and choosing to carry the weight of the investigation on her shoulders, much like Cardinal has in the past.

While Cardinal and Delorme have an obvious synergy, the same can’t be said for the partnership between Scott and Neil. With bodies piling up and the unexpected arrival of Josh’s father on the scene their carefully crafted plans are starting to fray at the seams. When one of Scott’s targets crosses a line for Neil their partnership is doomed.

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold and Scott has taken this to heart. His desire to replicate what happened so long ago to someone he held dear has been given more screen time with each episode. Watching Josh’s painful attempts to escape his bonds is particularly uncomfortable and serves two purposes. It not only elicits a measure of sympathy for Scott’s cause but also negates those feelings as his character steps further into the spotlight.

Neil is a tense study in relationships and how those bonds can make or break individuals. Several of the players – Sheila, Josh, Delorme, even Jerry – all have connections that they’ve tried to maintain until they’ve ceased to be of use to them. While some of the relationships have been beneficial others have proven to be detrimental. Relationships will continue to dominate the narrative and the fallout from those alliances are sure to have lasting ramifications once the series comes to a close.