Amnesia and Crashland Free On Epic Games Store Next Week

Epic Games store, the gaming platform available on PC, has been giving away free games for a long time. This was done, likely, because they wanted to be competitive with Steam – their direct competitor. That is to say, Steam already had a long-standing relationship with the gaming community, and Epic would be hard-pressed to steal customers away from them as a rising new platform.

That said, lately, their free games have proven to be helpful. With all of us stuck inside, running out of both money and games to play, having a platform that gives out free games to play is a godsend. This month, for those of you who haven’t checked, they are giving out For the King. For the King is a single-player or online co-op game. It is a strategy game that has players go on quests through procedurally generated worlds to both explore dungeons and fight monsters. It’s like a light version of Dungeon and Dragons I feel, for those of us who miss playing during Social Distancing.

Next months games will be fun to grab as well, or at least one will be. The two games up for grabs are Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands. If you’ve ever tried Amnesia you know that its a game that plays on your fears and jump scares. The game puts you in charge of a man stranded in a creepy castle full of terrifying monsters. It turns into a giant game of hide and seek, with your sanity slowly fraying as the game proceeds.

I’ve never played Crashland, but I will be giving it a try soon. It’s a top-down 2d game, that tasks players with survival on an alien planet. The premise seems fun enough, and honestly, I think we all have a bit of time to kill.

The games will be available April 30th to May 7th, and then Epic will be offering something new. So stay tuned, who knows what might be offered next!