Review: Cardinal – 403: Barry

Cardinal – 403: Barry

The race to find Adele consumes Cardinal as Barry opens. The search doesn’t last long however, and with the discovery of the old woman’s body the picture surrounding the recent murders in Algonquin Bay becomes a bit clearer. A new player enters the fray and the motives behind the killer’s actions become tied to a tragic event in the past involving several of the players in town.

The Cardinal/Delorme dynamic is explored a little more during Barry’s runtime. The longing looks and awkward smiles carry a little more weight now and what seemed uncertain is beginning to look inevitable. Things get a little messy for Delorme when her ex comes by her home to drop off some of her belongings. The blast from the past interrupts some late night detective work between Cardinal and Delorme and highlights the awkward dance they are beginning to engage in.

Barry and Sheila have a target on their backs but the murders so far have only touched people close to them. The reasons why they haven’t been targeted directly is revealed when the killer meets the person who hired him. Scott, an individual from Barry and Sheila’s past wants revenge for a decades old injustice against someone he held dear. Whatever involvement the they had with Scott several years earlier is still a mystery but his arrival marks a desire to become more involved in his quest for vengeance.

The dreams that kicked off this season return once again. In the dreamscape Cardinal finds himself in another futile attempt to save faceless victims. Are the images dancing through Cardinal’s mind instances of foreshadowing or the detective’s sub conscious at work? The shadow of death looms large and the case is about to become personal for Delorme.  The killer’s stalking of her ex raises a few questions and it will be interesting to see how this will complicate things for her and the rest of the investigation?

Barry feels brisk even though the narrative is stuffed with new information, characters and a plot twist or two. Delorme and Cardinal’s suspicions of Sheila’s ability to be an honest broker and their attempts to pressure her not only cause some friction with the politician but with Detective Jerry Commanda as well.  Scott’s appearance increases the body count and as the temperatures continue to dip the intrigue heats up. Barry is another solid episode and as the screen fades to black it’s not difficult to assume that things will only become bleaker in Algonquin Bay before they get resolved.