Michael Mando as Nacho Varga – Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul 510 – Something Unforgivable

Coming face to face with the devil and staring him down has some consequences, and for those unaccustomed to such endeavors – namely Jimmy and Kim – the result is a natural one. Fear takes over and minutes after Kim’s virtuoso performance to convince Lalo that Jimmy’s tall tale is in fact true, the newlyweds get out of dodge and head to a hotel for the night to settle their nerves.

Something Unforgivable could represent Jimmy’s guilt at the top of the episode. Reflecting on how his escapades have pulled Kim into a dangerous circle of crime and unsavoury characters, Jimmy wonders out loud if he is a bad influence on his significant other. Kim, consistently in command of her own decisions doesn’t exactly answer him, but does offer a quantum of reassurance that things are o.k. when Jimmy says that he won’t cross the line and step outside of his obligations to her and the law profession again. Unfortunately, Jimmy and probably every viewer tuning into the season finale doesn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth, even if they aren’t aware of the role he plays during the upcoming Breaking Bad years.

Nacho, desperately looking for a way to extricate himself from the cartel’s tentacles, finds himself south of the boarder and on Lalo’s turf. Nacho’s effectiveness hasn’t gone unnoticed and Lalo decides to take him under his wing. The ice between them is thawing and Nacho is soon having drinks with none other than Don Eladio himself. No matter which way he turns, Nacho seems to find himself further and further away from executing a suitable exit plan. Complicating matters even more is Gus’ intention to use him in a pawn on his own chess board.

Something Unforgivable presents a duality that exists in the world even if it isn’t always plain to see. Kim’s plan to ruin Howard and poach HHM really isn’t any different than the idea floated by Nacho to move in on some biker gang’s territory to expand the Salamanca’s business. In another instance Kim’s thoughts of assassinating Howard’s character isn’t as visceral or bloody as what Gus has planned for Lalo but they serve the same purpose.

The biggest revelation in the finale is the apparent heel turn Kim takes.  Better Call Saul has always been about the masks people wear to make it through their daily lives. Jimmy’s transformation into Saul has been the focal point of the series but all of the characters in their own way have engaged in some sort of subterfuge. Perhaps the Kim we saw in the aftermath of the Lalo showdown was the one that’s always been there all along. That might explain her reluctance to leave Jimmy, even after Howard’s revelations and Jimmy asked her to consider the same thing, after his conscience got the better of him.

With no more episodes until Better Call Saul returns for its 6th and final season there are a lot of things to think about and digest. Gus’ failed attempt on Lalo will have repercussions. What those might be won’t be revealed anytime soon but there at least a couple of ways things can go that wouldn’t be unexpected. The thing to really focus on though is to enjoy the last leg of the incredible journey we’ve been on. The creatives behind Better Call Saul have 13 episodes to bring Jimmy’s story home. 13 is usually considered an undesirable number, but for fans of this franchise 13 has never seemed luckier.