Playstation 5 and XBox Scarlett Are Going Head to Head


I remember back years ago on a snowy, white Christmas in Staten Island, NY getting an Atari 2600 system. The remainder of the day was spent playing games with my family and knowing at that point that I was a gamer. As time has progressed consoles have gone up in power, performance and of course price. Now in 2019 months before E3 has broken the silence on the next generation systems we had gotten some word about the Playstation 5 and the newest Xbox (which has been dubbed the Xbox Scarlet).


Sony has announced some of the specs of the Playstation 5 and these are not coming as rumors from around the internet.

These are directly confirmed from Sony.

So what we know is the CPU of this new beast is going to have a AMD Ryzen 3rd gen (featuring eight cores) with a custom GPU that is based on the Radeon Navi. This means that this system will bring ray-tracing graphics to the consoles for the first time. Ray-tracing was previously only available to the PC gamers as they had the only video cards possible for powering this technology. There is also going to be a SSD included with this console that will decrease loading times as a Sony executive tested Spiderman on the PS4 and then on the PS5. The loading times were not even CLOSE as the PS4 took 15 seconds but only took 0.8 seconds the PS5. And the best part seeing as the architecture is similar it will be backwards compatible with the PS4! So imagine playing some of the great titles on the PS5 with better loading speeds.

The Xbox Scarlett was also announced however, at this time there is not much known about this system as they haven’t committed to anything yet. There are tons of speculations and rumors out there and it has hinted that it is going to be a monster of a console to rival the PS5. Microsoft have always boasted that their consoles are faster and more powerful however, we don’t have any word on this as of yet. There have been some rumors that there are two consoles which are the Lockhart and Anaconda and the specs for these are staggering. The CPU and the Storage are the same Custom 8 Cores – 16 zen threads 2 and 1TB NVMe 1 + GB / s SSD hard drive. However, the graphics between the two are VERY different with the Lockhart scoring a custom NAVI 4+ Teraflops but the Anaconda having Custom NAVI 12+ Teraflops! Also the ram is different with the Lockhart sporting 12gb but the Anaconda having 16gb of GDDR6 memory!

However, if you think that these consoles will be released this year think again as both companies are betting on a 2020 release for both systems. E3 is coming up fast so we should be hearing more information about both of these consoles out of this giant convention. If both companies don’t at least hint at these newest consoles there are going to be problems.

So which console are you more excited for? Do you think Sony or Microsoft will steal away E3 this year? Let us know by commenting below!