Monsters Invade in Book of Monsters

Growing up I had a few birthday parties and they were a complete blast. Whether it was having fun with your friends at the local McDonalds or having a sleepover watching movies and eating pizza. But what if your party was interrupted by guests that just didn’t want to crash the party and they had more sinister intentions? This is the premise of the latest film from Epic Pictures entitled Book of Monsters.

Book of Monsters was initially a Kickstarter campaign and it focused around a group of girls that got together for a birthday party. Sophie who is turning 18 is having a party with her friends when the unspeakable happens and six monsters invade her house and begin to devour the guests. Will this band of misfits rally together in order to defeat the monsters or will they all succumb to the teeth and claws of these creatures? All I can say about this movie is that it was a blast to watch and made me think back to the 80’s movies where stuff like this was commonplace. It made me think back to watching these kinds of movies in my parents old house in Staten Island as I would wonder what was going to happen next.

There are more than a few special features that are crammed onto this disc including two different commentary tracks. The first track is with the director and writers of the film while the second track is of the cast as each of these commentaries shares stories on what it was like to work on this film. There is also a featurette entitled Opening the Book of Monsters. The making of the film and this documentary goes through and shows how this film was created. From the days of being on Kickstarter to the debut at Frightfest you get to see how these folks made this movie a reality. There are also fourteen deleted scenes that are included on this disc as well as an alternate ending. Another feature is the gag reel and you get to see the cast of the movie mess up or flub their lines. There is also a Book of Monsters on the Red Carpet with the cast and crew of the movie as it had just debuted at Frightfest in London as well as interviews with the director Stewart Sparke and Writer Paul Butler. The last two special features are the original film that was used for the proposal on Kickstarter but there’s another special feature as well. There’s another small film called Rats! dealing with a woman who must defend her home from giant mutant rats from space. This short film is amazing and I hope this might be turned into their next feature film.

If you are a fan of the 80’s monster movies then you need to give Book of Monsters a look. For more information on this and other films head over to and get ready to defend yourself from these hideous monsters.