Deport All Gods in Black Site

Imagine if you will there were creatures from other dimensions and they wanted to do us harm. Now imagine that all that stands between these creatures and complete devastation of the human race is an elite military unit. This is the latest movie coming from Epic Pictures called Black Site.

Black Site focuses on the Elder Gods which is a race of creatures that existed way before mankind. These creatures can inhabit the forms of humans so they can walk amongst us freely and to the untrained eye they are just like you or me. However, there is another secret military organization called Artemis that knows about the Elder Gods and have captured one of them at their facility. This god known as Erebus has been contained at their site by an elite military unit however, when his supporters find out where he is being kept they go to rescue him. What happens next is an invasion by these creatures as the military unit tries to keep this situation contained. Will they succeed? All I can say is this is an amazing movie! I love the concept as I have always loved films like Men In Black or other films where there is an elite government agency keeping us safe from the real monsters that are out there.

There are also a few special features that will keep you coming back to this disc for more and the first is a trailer reel. This trailer reel has all of the Dread Central movies on it from Black Site going backwards and there are some amazing trailers for other movies so you might want to check those out as well. An audio commentary with the writer/director Tom Paton is also on this disc and you can see what went into making this film. There is also a behind the scenes featurette that dives deeper into how this film was made and some of the concepts that went into making this film. There are also some deleted scenes while they didn’t make the cut they were still saved from the cutting room floor.

If you love movies about otherworldly invasions and elite military units you need to check out Black Site. For more information on this and other releases head over to and get ready to deport all gods.