PixelJunk Monsters 2: New Tower Defense Game


The sequel to Q Games 2008 tower defense game is arriving this May 25th. The game, PixelJunk Monsters 2, will be landing on Switch, Steam, and PlayStation 4 – and it looks quite nice for a tower defense game.

The game is done with a lot of stop motion effects that make the game appear to be made of wood and clay. It also utilizes a shift camera focus that gives the game an overhead view that is essential for any tower defense game. Admittedly you can focus in on just your main character, which really brings to life the colorful background around you – however playing the game effectively in that mode is next to impossible.

The game has a local co-op play, as well as 4 player online mode for those who need more friends to join in. Over all, it looks like a fun game for those of us looking for a time waster until Kingdom Hearts 3 lands on our door steps.