A Way Out: One Copy Needed For The Group

The much needed couch coop game, A Way Out, has just launched today. The Prison break game hopes to not only give players a fun cooperative experience, but also an easy. That said, to play with a friend – both at home or online – you only need one copy of the game.

EA hinted at this ability awhile ago, but never quite flushed out how it would work. However Josef Fares, the director, has explained in the video below how the function will work. For those who hate hitting play, here’s the brief rundown: You can invite anyone to play the game with you – even if they don’t own it themselves. When your friend receives the game request, they will be asked to download and install the demo of the game – which via the invite from you will allow them to access the full game together.

Your friend can’t play the game without you, as they lose access to the full version the moment you stop playing together. This function is the perfect way to ensure that the gaming experience is both smooth and enjoyable for both involved. After all, friends that play together? Stay together.