Michael Myers is Back in New Halloween Exclusive Steelbook

Michael Myers is back in a new Halloween exclusive steelbook from FYE

When I was growing up back east in Staten Island our neighborhood was anything but exciting. Every year we had Halloween and it wasn’t a big issue as kids went out by themselves door to door getting treats. There was nothing waiting in the shadows for us until in 1978 when John Carpenter released a movie called Halloween. This shook parents and kids alike as the next year they were a bit more cautious going out trick or treating for candy. I can remember my friends joking with each other saying that Michael was coming to get us. However, it never happened. Now the folks over at FYE have released an exclusive steelbook and I’ve had a chance to check this out.

The front of the steelbook is graced with the iconic image of a closeup of Michael Myers in his frightening white mask. The rear of the steelbook has the original movie poster image of a jack o lantern with a jagged grin but the last part is a hand holding a butcher’s knife. The interior however, is just a bit of gray / white (maybe it’s supposed to be a closeup of Michael’s mask?) This version will defintely put you in the mood to watch one of the best horror films of all time.

For those that have never seen the film it starts with a young Michael for whatever reason killing his sister in 1963. He is committed to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and years pass until he is fit to stand trial and as he’s being transported he escapes. Now this psychopath is on the loose during Halloween and no one is safe. This disc has more than a few special features including an audio commentary with not only Jamie Lee Curtis (who played Laurie Strode) but John Carpenter who not only directed the movie but wrote it as well! Also included are two featurettes which are “The Night She Came Home” as it shows Curtis attending a HorrorHound signing back in 2012. The second feature is “On Location 25 years later” showing off where this movie was shot and what those locations look like now. TV version footage, TV and Radio Spots and the original trailer round out the special features giving you a bit more content to fill out your Halloween night.

If you love horror you need to check out this version that is only being offered by FYE and you can click here to get your own copy. And remember they are currently having a sale so if you buy two or more steelbooks you get 20% off your order. For more information on this and other exclusive merchandise head over to www.fye.com and remember this is the night where HE comes HOME.