Gearbox Drops Borderlands 3 Trailer

In 2009 we were treated to a trailer at the beginning of the year for a game that we had never even thought was possible. A hybrid mashup between first person shooters and role playing games and it was called Borderlands. Now three games later we are still hungry for more and this year Gearbox did not disappoint as they dropped a Borderlands 3 trailer!

In this trailer we don’t have a lot of details yet but this is what I was able to pick apart it.

There are characters from the Tales from the Borderlands game present in this instalment.

  • There are TONS of vehicles to choose from and each have different weaponry

  • It won’t be set on one planet but a few and each of the planets looks to have a different landscape. There is one planet that looks like a cityscape and another that looks more like a desert.

  • This release claims to have over one BILLION guns. There are even guns that run along on legs to engage the enemy!

  • Bad guys? Tons! Ranging from the standard psychos to giant monsters that look something akin to the T-Rex and breathes FIRE!

There is more info coming down the pike and believe it or not it’s NOT that far off! On April 3rd we will get more information on the next instalment of this franchise and frankly I cannot wait!

What do you think of the latest version of Borderlands? Let us know by commenting below!