Astroboy Shows Us Some Heroes are Built Instead of Born

One of the most famous people in the anime world has to be Osamu Tezuka who had brought us such greats as Kimba the White Lion, Tetsujin 28 and of course his greatest creation Astroboy. This series has been made into a few series as well as a feature movie voiced by some amazing actors. The folks over at Mill Creek Entertainment have compiled the 2003 TV series and this review is going to touch on that.

The show is set in the year 2043 where humans and robots live side by side in a place called Metro City. A Doctor Tenma goes missing and he was working on a revolutionary new robot that is discovered by Professor Ochanomizu. The professor calls the boy robot Astro and he discovers that he has powers that can be used for good in Metro City. This DVD set has all of the 50 episodes so you will have a blast watching them all!

There aren’t any special features on these discs however, I can overlook that as you are getting the complete run of the series and anyone who is a fan of either anime or Astroboy will appreciate getting all these shows in one package.

If you are a fan of the series you need to check out this offering and for this and other great releases check out and get ready to soar with Astroboy.