An American Werewolf in London Gets an Arrow Release!


When it comes to horror there are a few movies that are considered to be iconic. In my book An American Werewolf in London has to be one of the best horror movies as it has practical effects that still stand the test of time. Now the folks over at Arrow have issued a new released remastered for 4K but will this be a movie you will want to add to your collection?

In this beautiful slipcase, decorated with new art by the very talented Graham Humphreys, An American Werewolf in London comes complete with Blu-ray as well as a book. The book has some amazing stills from the movie, some new articles as well as an older article comparing this movie to The Howling. There are more treasures hidden in the slip case such as a double sided poster that has the art from the slipcover on one side and the original movie poster on the other. Hidden in the slip case are six double-sided reproductions of lobby cards that depict some of the scenes from the film.
The Blu-ray is packed with features but, let’s start with the film, as it is remastered for 4K from the original negative. Sound has also remastered as well for Dolby 5.1 including the audio commentary from Paul Davis (who made the film Beware the Moon) and the two actors in the film, David Naughton and Griffin Dunne. A feature length documentary on how the film was made entitled Mark of the Beast: The legacy of the Universal Werewolf has interviews with a lot of the cast including Joe Dante and John Landis. American Filmmaker in London is an interview with John Landis that focuses on his time filming in Britain as well as that country’s cinema. I Think He’s a Jew: The Werewolf’s Secret is a video essay shot by John Spira and explores how this film explores Landis’s jewish identity. In the Werewolf’s Call the director of The Hallow and the Nun, Corin Hardy chats with the writer of the film, Simon Ward about their experiences. Wares of the Wolf is a featurette that explores SFX, costumes and special effects. There are extensive cast and crew interviews on the featurette including Beware the Moon along with two others entitled An American Werewolf in Bob’s Basement and Causing a Disturbance: Piccadilly Revisited. Rounding out the featurettes are a soft archival featurette entitled Making an American Werewolf in London along with an interview with John Landis and three interviews with Rick Baker discussing the revolutionary SFX used in the film. Outtakes, Storyboards, Original trailers and radio spots along with over 200 stills from the film round out the special features on this disc.

This Arrow release is the definitive version that every fan of An American Werewolf in London would want in their collection. If you want to know more about this and other releases that Arrow has, head over to and get ready to unleash the beast.