Top 10 Superhero/Pop Culture Logos


Coming up with a list of the top 10 superhero/pop culture logos is no easy task. There have been several famous superhero logos over the years with some of them achieving iconic status inside and outside of the world of comics, movies and toys. Logos have played a significant role in the genre and have not only been used to identify various superheroes but have also as plot devices. Examples include Commissioner Gordon’s use of the Bat Signal, The Human Torch creating the number four in the sky to alert the rest of the Fantastic Four, the Phantom’s ring tattooed on a bad guys face and even the Mark of Zorro.

This list is comprised of some of the most iconic and beloved logos and may contain a few surprises. Our top ten isn’t based solely on the most popular, but also factors in the design and how well the logo suits the character and her/his/their traits. Read on and let us know if you agree with our list. We’d love to hear if there are any that you think that we might have missed.

10.  Fantastic Four 


The number four in a white circle is simple, direct and encompasses all you need to know about Marvel’s first family. While the Fantastic Four’s roster has changed and swelled past four at times since their 1961 debut, the number on the chest says it all.

9.  Green Lantern


This logo is really simple and to the point. It features the lantern that powers the Green Lantern’s ring and is the basis for the character’s awesome power. The logo is featured prominently on most Green Lantern costumes and is also emblazoned on their power rings. DC characters tend to have some of the best logos and this one is no exception. The Green Lantern’s logo is one of the more popular designs that you’ll see as tattoos or featured on t-shirts during a weekend at a comic book convention.

8.  Spawn

spawn logo

The breakout character of the 90’s comes in at number 8 with a logo that uses Spawn’s mask as the basis for its design. While the actual logo doesn’t appear on Spawn’s costume, one look at it and you instantly know which character it represents. McFarlane Toys has used the logo to brand Spawn toys and related merchandise for decades and the design remains one of the best in the biz.

7.  The Flash

Flash logo

The distinctive lighting bolt flashing across a scarlet top is one of the more popular and iconic logos in all of comic books. The Flash’s logo has gained even more prominence now that DC’s scarlet speedster has his own smash hit TV show and that Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory rocks it every so often. The Flash’s logo could have placed higher, but its similarity to another DC character’s logo, Shazam knocks it down a few spots.

6.  Autobots/Decepticons


The Transformers logos representing the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons are two sides of the same coin that deserve to share the number 6 spot together. Instantly recognizable due to numerous cartoons, toys and a blockbuster film franchise, the Transformers logos have been a long time pop culture fixture for generations of kids. The logos’ design highlight the similarities between the two sides, but the subtle changes in each make it easy to see which ones are the good guys and which ones aren’t.

5.  Superman 


The grandaddy of them all, Superman’s logo is perhaps the most iconic on the list. The famous ‘S’ has been around for over 75 years and has undergone a few changes over that time. The crest in the shape of a diamond represents Superman’s invulnerability while the iconic ‘S’ not only denotes Superman but has been retconned to represent the House of El, Superman’s Kryptonian bloodline. This logo’s impact on popular culture is so strong that the image of anyone ripping their shirt open to reveal any sort of logo underneath instantly reminds the viewer that it’s a take on Superman.

4.  ThunderCats

thundercats logo

ThunderCats Hooo! While the ThunderCats may not be the most popular of the franchises on this list the Eye of Thundera, a silhouette of the jungle cat on a red circular background is simple and striking. The logo is also featured prominently on the Sword of Omens, Lion-O’s all powerful weapon of choice. The ThunderCats logo was all over the cartoons back in the day as it was the sword’s source of power and would emanate from it whenever Lion-O needed it in battle. The logo’s design is so strong that it surely must have been the inspiration for several sports teams logos that have appeared since the cartoon debuted in the 80’s.

3. Punisher

punisher logo

A stylized death’s head on a black background is the distinctive feature of Marvel’s vigilante, the Punisher. The massive skull with teeth that looked like bullets made for one of the coolest logos and helped to propel Frank Castle into one of the most popular characters of the 80’s and 90’s. The skull on the Punisher’s costume scared the hell out of his enemies, provided him with body armor and also reflected the character’s menacing nature and raison d’etre. What’s the Punisher without his isignia? Just check out the 1989 Punisher film to see what we mean.

2. Batman


There are many variations of this instantly recognizable logo, and the one featured here may be the most popular version. Batman is arguably the most popular superhero at the moment so it’s no surprise that his logo would rank so highly. It’s featured on his costume, vehicles and is even used as a distress call whenever he’s needed by Gotham P.D.  The design is a classic and works as a silhouette of the caped crusader’s costume from cowl all the way down to the fringes of the cape. Still, as awesome as the Bat logo is it doesn’t occupy the number 1 spot.

1. Wonder Woman  


Wonder Woman’s logo is a wickedly cool incorporation of the character’s initials and the breastplate on her costume. While Wonder Woman’s costume has undergone some changes in the character’s long and illustrious publication history, the use of the stacked W’s is a colourful and functional way to merge the logo with the costume. Even when considering Wonder Woman’s older costumes which featured gold stylized birds in combination with her red top, her logos and defining features are instantly recognizable to geek and mainstream audiences alike.

Honourable Mentions 

Starfleet, Cobra, Captain America, Shazam, X-Men, Hawkman, SPECTRE, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, Deadpool, Robin