These Kids Aren’t All Right in The New Mutants

Back in the 80’s I remember a comic coming out that was an offshoot of the popular X-Men franchise. This would be known as The New Mutants as it would focus on a team of up and coming mutants who were trying to find their place in the world. A while back we were given a trailer from 20th Century Fox for the theatrical film which looked promising however, we never got a release date or another trailer.

Until today.

The latest trailer for The New Mutants looks amazing as we get a look at the team that is assembled in this movie. We are introduced to Rahne (Wolfsbane), Sam (Cannonball), Danielle (Mirage), Roberto (Sunspot) and Illyana (Magik) as they are in a hospital to get better. However, everything is not as it seems as this place seems to be more of a prison than a hospital. Can these new friends band together and get out alive? We will find out soon as The New Mutants releases on April 4th!

So are you excited for The New Mutants movie? Let us know as we love to hear from you!