The New Deadpool 2 Trailer Is Here!


Today I received an email that had woke me out of my sleep induced state faster than any cup of coffee.

The new Deadpool 2 trailer dropped. And it revealed a LOT more details!

First our favorite cab driver Dopinder is back as Deadpool is running from some bad guys as he dives in through a closed window. As the pair drive away Dopinder remarks how cool he is with a montage of Deadpool kicking all sorts of ass.

After the montage we are introduced to Cable who says that he is “Here for the kid”. Now for those that don’t know the kid in question he is being played by Julian Dennison  but we have NO idea who he is. Some say that he could be Neal Shaara who is Thunderbird III in the Marvel Universe however, the folks at Marvel are being tight lipped about this. All we know is that he is powerful and has pyrokinetic abilities so who knows?

Blind Al utters one of the best lines of the trailer “It’s hard to hear you with that pity dick in your mouth.”

From there on out it is a montage of action scenes as Deadpool tries to go up against Cable solo but fails. So he realizes that he needs help so he forms a team of mutants to go after Cable calling it X-Force. Yes. You just heard that right. We NOW have an X-Force movie and in shots it looks like we are not only getting Domino but Shatterstar as well as Terry Crews being on the team! Now this movie got way cooler!

With more action crammed into the rest of the trailer Deadpool says “If you want to fight for what’s right sometimes you have to fight dirty.”

The trailer closes with the logo DP2 and the date of May, 18th 2018. And with Deadpool and Weasel talking about the movie saying they would stop at two and probably not make a three. This is the movie actually poking fun at itself which I find very funny!

What did you love about the new Deadpool 2 trailer? Let us know! We love hearing from you!