Suicide Squad #1: Review


SSQUAD_Cv1_R1*Warning: Review May Contain Spoilers

Suicide Squad is a team of villains that have been assembled by Amanda Waller to do the jobs that no one else can’t or won’t. These are villains who have been incarcerated in a maximum security prison where they are left to rot. Now the folks over at DC are bringing back the team known as Suicide Squad in a brand new #1 issue. But is this a comic you should run out to the store to get or should you just go see the movie?

The main story of Suicide Squad picks up with Amanda Waller going back to the prison known as Belle Reve. Amanda asks that five of the prisoners be released from their cells as you can see a sophisticated system that keeps the prisoners in check. The five prisoners that are freed from their cells consist of June Moon, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang and Killer Croc. The team being led by Flag is dispatched to outer space where a “game changing weapon” has been discovered. Unfortunately the weapon has been discovered in Russia and the team needs to figure out how to get into the complex. Will the team be able to get into this top secret installation and help save the day? Or will they all go out in a blaze of glory?

There is also a bonus story in this book that deals with Deadshot’s past entitled Never Miss. It shows how he wound up at Belle Reve as he was approached by the criminal organization known as Kobra. They want him to assassinate Bruce Wayne and they are willing to pay him a sizeable fee. This is a great addition to the book as it gives a bit of backstory for those that don’t know about the origins of Deadshot. Rob Williams pens the story and it is a great read but I would have loved to see Jim Lee draw this story. Jason Fabok however, does a great job of bringing the story to life and Brad Anderson makes the colors jump off the page.

The first issue is written by Rob Williams who has written some great stories and the pacing and characters in this book are simply amazing. The main story is drawn by the legend known as Jim Lee and I am REALLY excited to see him take on Suicide Squad. He brings his own looks to the characters and with the inking talents of Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair bringing in the color it is no surprise that this book looks as great as it reads.

If you have seen the new movie or have been a fan of the Suicide Squad you need to pick up this new #1 issue. It will be released into the shops on 8/17 and I like the new look of the Squad and hope that future issues keep the chaotic action going. For more information on this and other releases head over to and get ready to join the squad!