Briggs Land #1: Review


BRIGGS LAND #1-00Dark Horse comics has introduced some of the most iconic comics into the genre. Whether it was expanding on universes such as Star Wars and Aliens to giving us great new content such as Hellboy. The folks over at Dark Horse have done it again with their latest title Briggs Land but is this a comic you will want to pick up?

Briggs Land deals with a society that is anti-government set up in 100 square miles of rural wilderness. The leader of the family goes by the name of Jim Briggs and he was incarcerated for life after a failed assassination attempt on the president. His wife Grace Briggs visits him in prison and tells him that he’s out of the family. As Grace leaves the prison she is confronted by two of the guards telling her that she needs to be careful about her husband and that he is a very powerful man. This foreshadows the rest of the book as it devolves into a situation on who you can and cannot trust. Without giving away too much of the plot I will say that the book reaches a very stunning climax by the end of the first issue and will have the readers asking for more.

The book is written by Brian Wood as it is part of his series of socio-political comics that include the RebelsMassive and DMZ. It is well written and made me feel as if I was watching a show like Sons of Anarchy or Outsiders (which is very similar in its premise). You feel for Grace Briggs as she is watching her family fall apart as some of her sons are pledging their loyalty to her but others are still loyal to their father. This sets the tone for the rest of the series as you wonder who you can trust and who you have to worry about. Briggs Land is illustrated by Mack Chater who has done art on great series such as The Fallen and Cold Blood just to name a few. He has a really unique style that gives the book a gritty look to it and Lee Loughridge lends his coloring skills to Briggs Land and makes the images leap off the page.

If you are looking for a struggle for family dominance and are a fan of shows that revolve around crime and betrayal then you need to check out Briggs Land #1. The first issue will be hitting the store shelves today so go out to your local store and check out this great new offering from Dark Horse Comics!