Spread Holiday Cheer with Wizards of the Coast

It is that time of the year and when people think about giving gifts to gamers people think about all the videogames and consoles and accessories that go with it. What about people who love to gather with friends and family around a table and play games that way? Wizards of the Coast has you covered with more than a few gaming products to keep your fellow players happy.

 For those who love Dungeons: If you have a Dungeons and Dragons player on your gift list then shopping for them is easy! If they don’t have the core rules just yet you can get them either the core rulebook gift set or the special edition core rulebook gift set. Each of these contains the players guide, monster manual and gm’s guide as well as a DM’s screen in an attractive slipcase. However, lets say they have the core set and you still want to get them something? No problem! What about the latest Waterdeep: Dragon Heist supplement as it contains everything your DM will need to run adventures in the fabled city of Waterdeep. What about for the kids on your list that want to get into D&D but aren’t old enough? Well there are three books you can get them such as the 123’s and ABC’s of D&D. These teach numbers and letters and are beautifully illustrated by Caleb Cleveland. For those that love to color try Adventures Outlined which have some great pages that are just begging to be filled in by kids and adults alike!

For those that are not bored with board games: If you have a person that loves to get others players interested in board games then check out Avalon Hill which is a divison of Wizards of the Coast. They make a line of games that is suited to almost every player on your wish list. Do you have someone that loves history and the battles of World War II? Then check out the line of Axis and Allies games that range from the core set in Europe or in the Pacific Theater. There is even Axis and Allies and Zombies! which is a new release where the players not only have to outwit one another but the growing hoard of undead as well! What about someone who loves horror? Then check out the Betrayal series as you have the original game Betrayal at the House on the Hill as you explore an old mansion. It gets even better with Betrayal Legacy where this entirely new game takes place at the same house over decades. If you love both fantasy and horror check out Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate as you explore this location and try to keep the party together from unspeakable horrors. There are a few other games such as Robo Rally and Vegas Showdown as well as some stocking stuffers such as Guillotine and The Great Dalmuti. All of these games will keep your friends satisfied around the table for hours on end.

Need a bit of Magic in your life?: Wizards of the Coast is also home to card games such as Magic the Gathering, Duel Masters and Transformers. Each of these games are really easy to pick up and play but they are difficult to master. Most of these games have a starter set for two players or a starter deck for one so you can get those and then build up your decks with booster packs. Magic the Gathering has tons of sets to get players immersed in that world and there is even a gift pack that includes four core 2019 boosters, five exclusive creature cards, five premium lands and a spindown die. You can even give some of the booster packs as stocking stuffers or bundle them together to make an ultimate gift that any fan will enjoy.

With all the great products that Wizards of the Coast has to offer it is a no brainer to stop by their site to get everything your gamers will need for this holiday season. For more information on all of their products check out http://company.wizards.com/content/games and get ready to bring fun back to the tabletop.