Review: World of Tanks #2

world-of-tanks-2The first issue of World of Tanks had the crew of a tank going up against the German Panther tanks. Simon Linett was insubordinate as he tries to drive the tanks off the battlefield and he insists that there is something wrong with the tank. The battlefield is littered with twisted metal and burning wrecks of tanks on both sides.

At the end of the last issue Trevor Budd’s tank seemed to be driving off the battlefield. His superiors said it was an act of a cowardice and gross insubordination however, Budd says that it must be something wrong with the tank. As Linett’s crew manages to go ahead and commandeer another tank to fight the German Panthers will they be able to stave off the German advance?

One of the great things about this comic is that it is being told from both sides. You are getting the views of the conflict from both the German’s and the British’s side. There are some little things that also make it appealing to the world of tanks fans. One of these being the names that are painted on the tanks, (such as Snakebite and Boilermaker). This seems to blend in seamlessly to the online game but is also appealing to fans of World War II or tanks.

So if you are a fan of the game and want to experience something just beyond regular tank battles give this comic a read. For more information on this and other titles head over to and get ready to roll out!