Review: Savage

savage_001_cover-a_larosaValiant Comics has been around for a few years and has produced some truly great stories. Harbinger, X-O Man of War and Bloodshot have been some of the titles that collectors and readers alike have searched their local comic shops for. Now Valiant seems to be going in a new direction with a new line of mini-series aimed at new readers. One of them is simply called Savage but is this series one that you will want to read?

Savage starts out deep in a jungle as a young boy is stalking something in the jungle. As he explodes from the underbrush we realize that he is fighting against a velociraptor. As the two clash and fight tooth and claw, it shows that they are both evenly matched. However, the child seems to get the upper hand and quickly dispatches the dinosaur as he raids its nest for the clutch of eggs that it was guarding. Who is this new mysterious young lad in the Valiant universe? While I could go into more detail on this story I would rather you read and experience the story for yourself.

Savage is written by B. Clay Moore, who has written a few series but is famous for one in particular. Mr. Moore has created the acclaimed series Hawaiian Dick and is working on a new series based in that universe. Savage is amazing and flows really well as it gives you a great story and an amazing setting. The art for the book is done by two artists, Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa. Both have worked for various comic book companies and while Henry’s art is great, Larosa’s art is absolutely amazing. He also did the art for the cover, which is also quite stunning as well.

If you are a fan of the Savage Land or Jurassic Park you need to check out this book. It has the beginnings of a great story as well as some top quality art. For more information on this and other comics head over to and get ready to go back to the jungle.