Review: The Walking Dead: World Beyond 108 – The Sky is a Graveyard

Hal Cumpston as Silas – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Warning: Review may contain spoilers! 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond 108 – The Sky is a Graveyard

Speculation runs rampant in the aftermath of Tony’s death and Percy’s disappearance. Silas is the prime suspect and his character and possible motives are in question. Everyone has their doubts but as the group tries to piece together what actually happened Silas finds himself alone with his world turned upside down.

The only real show of support comes from Elton who refuses to believe his friend could have committed cold-blooded murder. Flashbacks into Silas’ past reveal more about his turbulent upbringing and what happened when he lashed out at his abusive father. The real reason behind the demise of Silas’ family is made even more tragic when the full events of the day his father died come to light.

The Sky is a Graveyard’s characterization of some of the series main players is inconsistent to say the least. Hope’s refusal to see Silas as anything else as guilty really doesn’t make any sense considering what is written on her ledger. The biggest head scratcher is how easily the group is willing to cast Silas aside in favour of Tony and Percy. Silas’ silence doesn’t do much to exonerate him and knowing that he might pose a danger to everyone forces his hand.

Silias’ decision to leave causes a domino effect. Hope comes clean and confesses to Elton what happened the night his mom died. Elton’s world is shattered. Losing his best bud and finding out a close friend killed his mom is more than anyone should be expected to bear.

World Beyond has been lacking something since it’s debut. Since the group left the colony and the CRM was pushed into the background the show needed something to make it more interesting. The final twist in The Sky is a Graveyard doesn’t come as a total surprise but it is welcome. Huck’s a mole and this revelation fills in some of the gaps in her story from a few episodes ago.

Working with Elizabeth brings into questions a few things and may also clear up what actually happened to Tony and Percy. If Huck is responsible for their deaths and ultimately the splintering of the group then that would make things far more interesting. There’s also the question of the asset that Elizabeth mentioned. What exactly is it? Could it be the codebook that Hope and Iris have?

If that’s the ultimate prize for letting the girls roam around the countryside in search of their father then why didn’t Elizabeth use the CRM’s resources to retrieve it? It might also explain why she gave Iris the map but hopefully that detail will be touched upon later on down the line.

It’s been a slow boil for World Beyond during its first season. With one episode left in Season 1 and the series concluding after a 10 or 11 episode run in Season 2, a lot is going to have to happen to justify this season’s pace. Maybe Elizabeth and the CRM will be featured more prominently once Rick’s movies hit the small screen. Either way there isn’t a lot of time left to make World Beyond the series it could be.