Review: The Walking Dead #193

The Walking Dead #193 is the end of an era that has spawned various TV shows, video games and novels. This issue is not only the last in the series but the longest running zombie comics in comic history. The only other series that comes close in number would be Deadworld and that has around 30-40 issues in total. To have a comic run for this many issues is simply amazing and while this is only a partial review this goes without saying as there are spoilers ahead. So if you don’t want any of the book ruined for you I would suggest you stop reading now.

The book opens some time in the future as we see a lone zombie approach a house. An older Carl sees the approaching monster and quickly dispatches it with a samurai sword. Sofia rushes out to see what happened as Carl wonders how a roamer (aka zombie) slipped through their defenses. Sofia asks Carl why didn’t he just shoot the roamer but he interjects that more of them could be lurking about. Carl also asks panicked where her daughter Andrea is and Sofia says she is still sleeping. Before going back inside Carl checks the roamer’s teeth to see if they had bitten anyone and finds out that Hershel is in town.

Carl goes to find Herschel and once he does Carl punches him right in the face. Carl angrily asks how many walkers does he have in this cart as Hershel is now using the dead in a traveling sideshow. Hershel replies that he lost one last night and when he finds out that Carl dispatched his roamer he immediately gets upset. Hershel yells at him saying “Do you know how much roamers are worth?” and threatens him by calling Sherriff Karpour to have him deal with the situation.

Later on that day Sherriff Karpour shows up to Carl’s house and explains the situation. There is going to be a trial to see what is to be done about Carl destroying another person’s property. Carl tries to argue that the roamer could have killed him and his wife but Karpour says that he is only trying to uphold the law. The sherriff also apologizes and will do everything in his power to get the sentence reduced to a small fine.

And this is only the first few pages! I could go into what happened in the entire book however, if you are a die hard fan then you need to get this issue. If you have always been curious about this series but haven’t read an issue I would go ahead and get the first 3 volumes of the compendium to experience this story from the beginning. For more information on this and other great stories go to and get ready to experience the finale of The Walking Dead.