It’s Alive! with Arrow’s Release of Weird Science

In the 80’s there were more than a few films that defined the era such as Friday the 13th or Terminator. However, there was another class of films done by the director John Hughes. John was responsible for a few of the hits of the 80’s including a film called Weird Science. This film was named after the EC comic book that dealt with science fiction stories. Now the folks over at Arrow Video have re-released this classic version on Blu-ray.

Arrow decided to release two different versions of this film: one is a regular Blu-ray and the other is a steel-book. I was sent a screener of this release so I cannot really cover the packaging, however there is also a book that talks about the film. For those that don’t know about this film it is about two nerdy boys named Gary and Wyatt. These two are at the lowest rung on the social ladder and they have been ostracized and humiliated by most of their fellow class-men. One weekend when their parents are away they get the brilliant idea to create their own woman using Wyatt’s computer. The pair are successful and create the ultimate version of their ideal woman named Lisa (played by Kelly LeBrock). What happens next is a great piece of cinema that I won’t ruin for you. If you haven’t seen it yet then you need to watch this 80’s classic.

As with other Arrow releases there are tons of special features included on this disc. First the film has been restored from the original negative to 4k resolution. There are also two versions of the film one being the regular 94 minute version and an extended 97 minute version with two additional scenes. There are also image galleries, theatrical trailers, tv and radio spots as well as a PDF of the original script (accessible by BD-ROM). There are also the following featurettes:

Casting ‘Weird Science’, an all-new interview with casting director Jackie Burch

Dino The Greek, a newly-filmed interview with supporting actor John Kapelos

Chet Happens, a newly filmed interview with special makeup creator Craig Reardon

Fantasy and Microchips, a newly filmed interview with editor Chris Lebenzon

Ira Newborn Makes The Score, a newly filmed interview with the composer

It’s Alive! Resurrecting Weird Science, an archive documentary featuring interviews with cast, crew and admirers, including star Anthony Michael Hall

If you are a fan of the original Weird Science you need to get this release on Blu-ray either in regular or steel-book form. For more information about this and other releases head over to and get ready for a wild ride.