Review: The Walking Dead 1004 – Silence the Whisperers

Cooper Andrews as Jerry, Khary Payton as Ezekiel – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead 1004 – Silence the Whisperers

Isolation and a crisis of confidence cast a long shadow over several of the players in Silence the Whisperers. The heavy burden of loss hits Ezekiel the hardest pushing him to an edge that he is only too willing to cross. Losing Carol, his kingdom and the Whisperers knocking at the Hilltop’s walls, has caused Ezekiel to loose all hope. Thankfully, Michonne discovers his descent into despair and she’s able to lift him up before he falls for good.

He’s not the only one though as Siddiq is on his own express train to madness. Sweating and seeing visions of friends lost at the hands of the Whisperers his grip on reality is all but gone. Realizing that any chance of building a family with Rosita and their baby isn’t an option only worsens the situation. Lydia might as well be wearing a scarlet W to some in the community and the late night attack on the former Whisperer ends badly, but not for her. When fellow outcast, Negan comes to her aid it’s Margot who becomes a casualty. With all of the subsequent turmoil surrounding his heroic act it’s difficult for both Negan and Lydia to escape their long shadows.

The masks people wear are sometimes not of their own making. While the Whisperers hide behind the skin of the dead, others put on faces that hide their true feelings and intentions. In other cases the masks people wear are cast upon them by others. Negan, no matter his intentions or actions, will forever be seen as the leader of the Saviors, a man responsible for countless murders and atrocities.

Lydia is caught in the middle of two visions of herself. To her mother she is a Whisperer even though she’s rejected that way of life. Alpha’s view of her is shared by many in the communities of Oceanside, Alexandria and the Hilltop. On the flip side, there’s Lydia’s version of herself that is also embraced by some including Daryl and Negan.

Silence the Whisperers bounces back and forth between despair and hope with a few surprises sprinkled here and there. The heart to heart between Michonne and Ezekiel not only highlighted the struggles of leadership but also how easy it is to park one’s emotions and needs while fighting for survival. Negan’s mysterious jailbreak also elicits a few questions as to who set him free and my money, even though I’m a terrible betting man, is on Father Gabriel. Sometimes it takes fire to fight fire and keeping Negan locked up takes away one of the best assets to combat Alpha and her particular brand of mayhem.