Review: Preacher Ep 213 – The End of the Road

Pip Torrens as Herr Starr  – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher Ep 213 – The End of the Road

The End of the Road concludes the second season of Preacher with several plot threads coming together and being resolved only to have others explode in a shocking, blood splattered final few moments. It appears that Jesse may have been right about God all along and as the screen fades to black after a brilliant flash of light The End of the Road ends in classic cliffhanger fashion.

Seeing a young Jesse Custer dressed like Col. Sanders in a pre-credits sequence doesn’t elicit much of a response until you realize he’s always had a penchant for bad behavior and killed a chicken in a fit of anger. Now I’m not sure what the significance of young Custer’s garb and actions are but the imagery and irony is worth a few chuckles. Humor aside the significance of the opening sequence doesn’t become clear until the final moments of the finale.

Jesse’s first steps into his role as the new Messiah are rocky ones. His address to a group of school age kids goes horribly wrong when a group of Armenian terrorists storm the classroom. The event goes viral but Jesse’s spirits sink when he realizes Starr orchestrated the attack in an attempt to skyrocket his profile as the new Messiah.

The joys of parenthood smack Cassidy right in the face when he discovers some unpleasant things about Denis. Coming across some bloodstained clothes while doing the laundry piques Cassidy’s interest. This leads him to open Denis’ laptop where he discovers his darling little boy has been reveling in his new powers with a group called the Children of Blood. Cassidy is forced to take a long hard look at Denis as well as himself and what he sees is anything but comforting.

The End of the Road lives up to its name in more ways than one. Eugene’s attempt to escape Hell is loaded with all sorts of revelations, particularly one that uncovers the fact that Jesse talent isn’t all that unique. The trio’s time in New Orleans is winding down as the plans for Bimini are set in motion. But things go sideways when Tulip discovers the Grail has had them under surveillance for some time. Never one to turn away from conflict, Tulip confronts Jenny in a tense standoff until Hoover comes out of the shower in a towel. The bloody outcome brings the episode full circle as Jesse returns to Angelville in a desperate search for help.

Although the finale was by far the tamest episode of the season, and perhaps of the entire show’s run, it was easily one of the most emotionally charged. The inner turmoil, which had been tearing Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy apart, individually and as a group finally reached a zenith. The episode’s dark tone leaves many questions unanswered while creating several more. Perhaps the flash of light to close The End of the Road will offer some hope moving into next season.